Ecohealth, which is sometimes called ecosystems approaches to health, is an emerging field that is well suited to the complexities of today’s health and environmental challenges. Ecosystems approaches to health are taken because we recognize the interconnectedness and dependency of human health and ecosystem health on one another. Ecohealth is a way of approaching problems holistically, which necessitates drawing on the strengths of diverse actors and valuing different opinions. Equity and sustainability are important guiding principles which inform ecohealth driven work.

The concept of Knowledge to Action is envisioned as a loop whereby once knowledge is gained it must be adapted or modified in order to be translated into an action to be undertaken in the community. This feeds the cycle as new knowledge is generated through undertaking the process. In this way, insights gathered through research are made relevant at the community level. Place and context shape knowledge generation and the results are more tangible and accessible to people outside of the academy.

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