EcoHealth in Action Webalogue Series

Integrative approaches to environment, community & health: Innovations and connections across local, Indigenous and geospatial knowledge

CoPEH-Canada and the Oceania EcoHealth Chapter  webalogue
May 25/26*, 2016
*note the two different dates, reflecting different time-zones in Canada, Oceania and Europe

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Integrative approaches to environment, community and health issues are demanding news tools and processes. Within our expanding digital toolscape is a growing suite of approaches and geospatial tools that are value and profile diverse knowledges in new ways, and create conversations across local, Indigenous, scientific and organisational knowledge, among others. This webalogue is designed as a  panel discussion and Q&A session profiling work that is unfolding in Canada, New Zealand and elsewhere. Each of the panelists are actively involved with developing, trialing and/or applying integrative and geospatial tools with to enhance understanding and responses to interrelated health, environment and community concerns. Panelists will provide a ‘taster’ of work they are involved with in Canada, New Zealand and elsewhere; provide information and links to learn more; and participate in a discussion about the opportunities and implications for contributing to a next generation of integration and engagement.

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