Publications & Outputs

Journal Articles

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Peer-reviewed Books and Book Chapters

  • Poland, B., Parkes, M.W., Hancock, T., McKibbon, G., & Chircop, A. (2020). A Changing Role for Public Health in the Anthropocene: The Contribution of Scenario Thinking for Reimagining the Future. In S. Quilley & K. Zywert (Eds.), Health in the Anthropocene: Living Well on a Finite Planet. (Chapter 6). University of Toronto Press
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  • Buse, C. (2016). Are climate change adaptation policies a game changer? A case study using perspectives from public health officials in Ontario, Canada. In M. Bouzid (ed.) Examining the Role of Environmental Change on Emerging Infectious Diseases and Pandemics. Norwich: IGI Global, pp. 230-257.
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Presentations and other Outputs

  • Parkes, M.W., Horwitz, P., Buse, C., Dolan, S., Gislason, M., & Woollard, R. (2018). Ecosystems as Foundational for Health. In: EkoSanté Training Manual in Ecosystem Approaches to Health. Produced for Pan-American Health Organisation. 
  • Allison, S., Harder, H., Parkes, M., Reschny, J., & the HIRED Project Team.(2016). Health Impacts of Resource Extraction & Development (HIRED): Knowledge Synthesis and policy insights. CPHA 2016. Toronto, ON. Link to the presentation
  • Mitchell-Foster, K., & Gislason, M. K. (2016). Lived Reality and Local Relevance: Complexity and Immediacy of Experienced Cumulative Long-Term Impacts. Vignette 6.7, in Chapter 6. Exploring Cumulative Effects and Impacts Through Examples. In M. P. Gillingham, G. R. Halseth, C. J. Johnson, & M. W. Parkes (Eds.), The Integration Imperative: Cumulative Environmental, Community and Health Impacts of Multiple Natural Resource Developments (pp. 117–152). Springer International Publishing AG. Link to book

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