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Recent, current and ongoing activities, initiatives and projects exploring the relationships between ecosystems, communities, health and well-being.


December, 2014

The EcoHealth2014 Call to Action on Climate Change was published in the December 2014 edition of EcoHealth. You can access the article here.

The EcoHealth 2014 Call to Action on Climate Change was endorsed by over 500 delegates from 65 countries on August 14th at the Biennial General Meeting of the International Association for Ecology & Health. This is the first time the International Association for Ecology and Health has made a coordinated and widespread call to all members of the association, their partners and collaborators to share how their work explicitly addresses issues of climate change or health or offers frameworks, data and capacity to strengthen current or future responses to climate change. The international Working Group and Reference Group responsible for developing the conference statement were convened by Dr. Margot Parkes, Dr. Robert Woollard and Dr. Maya Gislason.

Initiatives launched by the Call to Action can be found at EcoHealth-Live.

January 10-11, 2014

Prince George, BC

Cumulative Environmental, Community and Health Effects of Multiple Natural Resource Developments in Northern British Columbia

This event was hosted by the Health Research Institute, Natural Resources and Environmental Studies Institute, and the Community Development Institute, of UNBC. Margot represented the Health Research Institute and gave a presentation for the forthcoming book from the Tri-institute on the subject of Cumulative Effects of Resource Development in Northern BC. Event information can be found here: